Cassava Bingo Part 1

Cassava Enterprises Ltd own a large number of bingo websites that operate using the same software. This allows us to take advantage of each site by using the same techniques and tricks in order to generate a positive expected value (+EV) from their signup and reload offers.

Although all websites stipulate that the deposit and bingo bonus funds must be wagered 4 times (a few even 6 times) on bingo games before withdrawal, there are still a select few that have a loophole that can be exploited so that the funds automatically go into your cash balance after being wagered just once, making these far more profitable. I will detail which websites I’m aware of have this loophole and how to execute the loophole at the end of the article.

Quick explanation of how bingo works

It isn’t necessary to know how bingo is played. However in summary:

Tickets are purchased before the game. These typically have 15 random numbers or more on them and no ticket is more likely to win than another. A bingo caller calls out numbers randomly and if the number happens to be on one or more of your tickets, they are crossed off.

In a standard bingo game the objective is to cross off the numbers on the ticket in a pattern before other ticket holders. Normally the patterns are simply any horizontal Line (1LN), any 2 horizontal lines (2LN), and a Full House (FH) which is getting all the numbers on a ticket.

A typical bingo ticket.

A prize is associated with each line and they are shared equally if two or more people are the first to complete the pattern before anyone else. All this is done electronically so you do not need to be present when the game is taking place.

And that’s it. Pretty straight forward.

The Bread and Butter Strategy

  1. Deposit after signing up or with a bonus code if it is a reload offer. With the exception of a few sites you typically don’t want to deposit more than what would give you a ~£60 bingo bonus.

2. Open up the bingo lobby and then navigate to casino games. Open up a game of roulette (anyone will do) and place your deposit amount on a column bet or lower odds. The slots and casino are normally quite secluded. In the bingo lobby look for something like this and click ‘Show all’:

It should be easy to then get to this page:

3. If your roulette bet wins – Congratulations! You can sacrifice your bonus and withdraw your winnings. If not move continue with step 4.

4. With the exception of sites with the wagering loophole, spend your bingo bonus on bingo games where the potential win is enough such that there is a good chance of completing the wagering requirements without busting out. My personal preference is the Funky Monkey bingo room which has a max win of £500 split between 50/150/300 for 1 line/2 line and full house win.There are other bingo rooms with higher jackpots however it seems that too many people play these which would likely bring the return to player (RTP) down plus they will naturally be higher variance.

5. Hopefully you will have won a sizable amount. If not, move onto another offer or spend the small winnings you have made on another ‘big win’ room. If you have won a decent amount, wager the rest of your bonus on the main bingo rooms that have a total prize of typically around £20-30 and are 5-10p a ticket. Most bingo sites allow you to see what wagering needs to be done however this can also be calculated manually. A guideline for the best rooms is that for a £25 total prize you want 30 or less players and the price of purchasing maximum tickets to be around £5. Provided you aren’t playing at odd times this generally isn’t a concern.

6. Withdraw your winnings. Not only is it nicer to have the money in your bank account but this allows you take advantage of future reload offers (which there are a lot of!).

Explanation of the strategy and why it works

So let’s explain some of the rationale behind each step of the strategy.

1. The guideline to keep the bingo bonus amount below £60 is to keep the wagering requirements low. Remember most websites require the deposit and bonus to be wagered 4 times on bingo. There’s no point of depositing extra to gain a greater bingo bonus if you aren’t able to spend it on a big win game all at once since you will be winning the same amount but will subsequently be forced to wager more.

2. The deposit is spent on roulette for two main reasons:

The first is that there is actually a second loophole I have not mentioned which is that the (bonus+deposit)*4 wagering requirements turns into bonus*4 if you lose your deposit. I have no idea why this is the case although I suspect it is because the software creates separate wagering requirements for each and cancels this part once you’ve busted out.

The second is that money spent on bingo tickets is taken out of your cash balance before your bingo balance. This isn’t ideal as most bingo rooms have a very poor return to player (RTP) that I estimate to be around 50-60%. European Roulette has a much higher RTP of 97.3% e.g.

If we place 37 bets (there are 37 numbers on a roulette wheel) on red we will expect 18 to win and 19 to lose on average since there are 18 red numbers on the wheel.

Wagered: 37 units

Win: 18*2 = 36 units

Net: 36-37 = -1 unit

Win/Wagered = 36/37 0.973

Similarly with a single number bet we would expect it to win once every 37 bets on average. That bet would win us 36 units and hence we’re back to a net loss of 1 unit. This analysis is the same for all other bets in between. So why do I advocate placing the roulette bet on a low probability event? Click here for part 2 where I explain why.

3. In step 5 we wager our bingo bonus on smaller bingo rooms since they will be much lower variance. This way we can keep most of the winnings we made from the big win.

Loophole Websites

On certain websites there is no need to spend our initial tickets on big win rooms as the initial bingo winnings go straight into our cash balance. If we can spend all our tickets at once before a win we will have all our winnings in our cash balance which can then be withdrawn.

Some websites e.g. Bingo Iceland and Foxy have many of these smaller bingo rooms and so you can get away with depositing a bit more in order to get a larger bonus.

Start with small bingo rooms that start in around 4 minutes and work your way down to rooms that are starting soon. Buy as many tickets as you can in each room. Stop buying tickets if you notice money in your cash balance as this will be used to buy any further tickets. If you feel you’re running out of time spend your bingo bonus on large win games as you have nothing to lose at this point.

Note that some websites state that the minimum withdrawal amount is £30. If your cash balance after spending your bingo bonus is less than this you can simply deposit whatever amount is needed to make your balance over £30 and then withdraw this. Long term this may flag you as a bonus abuser so it might be better to try and double your winnings on a blackjack hand (lower house edge than roulette) and then withdraw if you win.

Pitfalls and tips

  • Lookout for cashback offers on websites such as Topcashback, Cashbacker, and Quidco.
  • Don’t go for more than one bonus at a time per site. The wagering requirements are combined!
  • Use french roulette if it’s available on the site. You will receive half your stake back if ‘0’ comes up.
  • Don’t hammer all the offers at once. You will notice that all the withdrawals and deposits for these sites come up under ‘888holdings’. I imagine that if they see your name coming up on many sites at the same time you will be flagged. This could be another reason to go with low probability roulette bets since you will be withdrawing less often and they tend to look a bit more ‘muggish’ in my opinion.
  • Some sites offer games bonuses. The wagering requirements are normally quite large so it might be best to place it on 1 or 2 roulette numbers and then if it wins, wager the rest on slots. I will talk more about two-tier betting in another article.
  • The best site I’ve found with 4x wagering requirements is Zinger Bingo. Their sign up bonus is currently £40 bingo bonus + £20 games bonus and they have regular high value reloads. They don’t have roulette however so instead the deposit can be played on a spin or two of slots. This is very high variance though so you’d need to be comfortable with having a low chance of winning. You can also go with playing Baccarat and try to double your money a few times. In this case its better to bet on the player as the commission you pay to bet on the banker means that you won’t be able to double up some of your money as you can only bet to the nearest £. The RTP difference between betting on the player and betting on the banker is small in any case (1.24% vs 1.06%).
  • The best times to play smaller bingo games are at around 3-5pm if possible.

Bingo sites:

Here are just some of the sites that I recommend trying this out on. I will be continually adding more in the future so stay tuned!

Bingo sites with the ‘Funky Monkey’ room:

888 Bingo: £50 deposit bonus

Bingo Ballroom: £30 deposit bonus

Brits Bingo: 150% deposit bonus

Celeb Bingo: £35 deposit bonus

Champagne Bingo: 150% deposit bonus

Daisy Bingo: £30 deposit bonus

Fairy's Bingo: 150% deposit bonus

Zinger Bingo: £50 deposit bonus

Hippo Bingo: 200% deposit bonus

Bingo Iceland: £40 deposit bonus. This site has 6x wagering requirements but you also get a £10 Iceland voucher with this one 🙂

Hunky Bingo: £50 deposit bonus

Dabber Bingo: £50 deposit bonus

Bingo sites without the ‘Funky Monkey’ room:

NB these sites are harder to extract a profit from as you’ll need to go for bigger jackpot games. I’ve separated them by the style of their website and bingo rooms as this’ll make it easier to decide how you want to approach their offers.

888Ladies: £30 deposit bonus

Posh Bingo: 250% deposit bonus

Red Bus Bingo: 250% deposit bonus


Bingo Loft: £20 deposit bonus


Gossip Bingo: £40 deposit bonus

Moon Bingo: £40 deposit bonus

Polo Bingo: £45 deposit bonus

Bingo sites with wagering loophole:

Costa Bingo: £35 deposit bonus

Sing Bingo: £35 deposit bonus. For whatever reason this website seems to have the poorest RTP.

City Bingo: 250% deposit bonus

Fancy Bingo: £35 deposit bonus

Foxy Bingo: 300% deposit bonus

Cheeky Bingo: £40 deposit bonus

Bingo Street: 200% deposit bonus

Wink Bingo: £37 deposit bonus

Bingo sites with no wagering requirements:

Blighty Bingo: £70 worth of bingo tickets to specific games. Because of the no wagering requirements this is a very good site to sign up to. This even applies to random free spins that they give out.

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