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Lucky Numbers is a room that some Virtue Fusion bingo sites have. It works the same as any other 90 ball bingo room with one difference, there is a side game that allows us to end up in profit on a game even if none of our tickets wins. At the start of the game we can pick, or have randomly picked, three ‘lucky’ numbers. If one of our numbers happens to be the same as the number that causes someone to win the 1 line, 2 line, or full house prize then we also win a prize.

Match any one of the numbers and we win the £1 bronze jackpot. Match any two and we win the £15 silver jackpot. If you’re lucky enough to match all three then you will win the £300 gold jackpot.

Because we only receive 3 lucky numbers per game regardless of the number tickets purchased, we can maximise the expected value of playing lucky numbers bingo by purchasing the minimum number of tickets per game for the games that have the lowest ticket cost. This happens to be six tickets at 5p a ticket. It will mean that our winnings from the bingo game itself will be few and far between. There is however a ~10% chance of winning the bronze jackpot, meaning the variance isn’t too harsh.

Theoretical Return To Player (RTP)

To win the £300 prize we need to have 1 of our lucky numbers be the same as a number that causes someone to win the 1 line, 2 line and full house prize consecutively. This is given by:

(3/90)*(2/89)*(1/88) = 0.000008512 or 1 in 117480

For the £15 prize we need to consider all the possible combinations of 2 out 3 numbers winning:

WWL = (3/90)*(2/89)*(87/88) = 0.000740551

WLW = (3/90)*(87/89)*(2/88) = 0.000740551

LWW = (87/90)* (3/89) *(3/88) = 0.000740551

Hence the full chance of winning the £15 prize is 3*0.000740551 0.00222 or about 1 in 450.

And we can finally repeat the same process as above for the £1 prize except with 1 out of 3 numbers winning:

 WLL = (3/90)*(87/89)*(86/88) = 0.03184

LWL = (87/90)*(3/89)*(86/88) = 0.03184

LLW = (87/90)*(86/89)*(3/88) = 0.03184

Hence the full chance is 3 x 0.03184 = 0.0955 or nearly 10%.

If we assume that the RTP of normal 90 ball bingo is 50%, we can then calculate the expected return per minimum 30p spend:

Standard 1 line, 2line, full house bingo winnings: 0.5*£0.30 = £0.15

Bronze jackpot: 0.0955*£1 = £0.0955

Silver jackpot: 0.00222*£15 = £0.0333

Gold jackpot: 0.000008512*£300 = £0.00255

Total: £0.281, Theoretical RTP = 0.281/0.3 = 93.7%

Given that bingo bonuses nearly always have a 4x wagering requirement, this means that we have a good chance at extracting profit from them by using this strategy.

As a comparison to the theoretical RTP, let’s compare to my empirical results:

Number of games played: 3101 (£930.30 spend)

Number of bronze jackpots won: 291, (291/3101 = 0.0938)

Number of silver jackpots won: 3, (3/3101 = 0.000967)

Number of gold jackpots won: 0

Total bingo winnings: £410.56

Empirical RTP = (410.56 + 291.00 + 3*15)/930.30 = 80.25%

A bit less than what we calculated theoretically. I attribute this mostly to the variance of this method and the lack of data. Three thousand games isn’t enough for a statistically valid sample. Theoretically I should’ve had close to 7 silver jackpots by now but I have only had 3. The bingo winnings are also within a ballpark figure of £465.15 (930.3/2), but just a tad on the unlucky side.

It is also apparent that I’ve been unlucky given that my total winnings from this method is £165.03 from £343.33 of bonuses. Theoretically I should be at 343.33*(1-4*0.0.63) = £256.81 profit excluding qualifying losses. This isn’t too surprising as unless you get a couple bingo wins or a silver jackpot you’re likely to bust out before completing the wagering requirements.

Executing the Strategy

Open the lobby and find the schedule for lucky numbers bingo.

If you’re given the option, I prefer the ‘classic layout’ as it makes it easier to buy tickets from many games.

Make sure you have the lucky numbers bingo as the game. Change the max ticket price from ‘00.50’ to ‘00.05’. This will filter out all of the higher ticket price games that will ruin this strategy. Next change the day from either the day after you’re visiting e.g. if today is Monday change to Tuesday, or simply selected ‘all’. Then finally change the time from ‘next hour’ to ‘all’.

As an option you can also change the min prize to £35.00 since there are two different min prize values for 5p ticket games, namely £30 and £35. In theory buying tickets for the £35 game should increase the RTP but then again I imagine more people would be buying these tickets as they’re better value. In short it’s just a hunch.

Click search to update the availible games to the new settings. To buy the tickets we can simply tick all of the checkboxes for each of the games. It will automatically buy six tickets for each of them. If you have a bonus balance this will come straight from here instead of your real balance.

And that’s it. Come back each day and repeat the process until you have cleared the wagering requirements.

Top tips
  • Make sure the Virtue Fusion site you’re signing up to has lucky numbers bingo. Many of them have gotten rid of this room which means you’re unlikely to make any profit playing in other rooms.
  • If possible see if the T&Cs say that you can play on something other than bingo to qualify for the bonus e.g. slots/side games. The RTP will be much higher and you won’t have to worry about using a high variance strategy e.g. in my Cassava Bingo article since your bonus balance is used first when buying tickets.
  • If they’ve given you a games bonus use a Two Tier Betting approach to see if you can beat the wagering requirements attached to it.
Signup Offers

Most sites that have the lucky numbers bingo room seem to be bookmakers. Check whether you’re eligible to do these offers first before you sink your teeth into them.

Vernons: Deposit and spend £5 get a £25 bingo bonus. This site tends to be the best for regular reload offers and has the best value sign up so make sure to do this one first.

Ladbrokes: Deposit and spend £10 on bingo, get a £25 bingo bonus and a £5 games bonus.

BoyleSport: Spend £5 on bingo games get a £20 bingo bonus.

William Hill: Spend £10 on bingo get a £30 bingo bonus and a £10 games bonus.

Bet365: Deposit/transfer £50 get a £100 bingo bonus and get a £20 slots bonus when you spend £10 on bingo or slots. Personally I would avoid maxing out on the bingo bonus as you might not be able to complete the wagering requirements within the 14 days stated.

PaddyPower: Spend £5 get a £15 bingo bonus and £10 slots bonus.

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